Sunday, January 1, 2012

NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions


Bengals Vs. Texans
After a loss to the Ravens, the young Bengals travel on the road to battle the injured Texans. Andy Dalton and AJ Green inexplicably led a team that was seemingly incompetent at the beginning of the year. Injuries all year have killed the Texans. Down the stretch the Texans played with third string rookie quarterback TJ Yates, who will likely return next week after leaving in the first quarter on Sunday. The Bengals match up well with the Texans because they have the right offensive weapons to cut through the tough Texans' defense. Jermaine Gresham could have a great game. Bengals 24  Texans 17

Steelers Vs. Broncos
Through what seemed like divine intervention, Tim Tebow led his team on a six game winning streak. Since then, the Broncos lost their final three games by a net 48 points. The Broncos defense has been the reason why they were successful earlier. However now their defense has been incredibly inconsistent and nobody knows which one will show up. The Steelers have had what looks like a very good season. However, they seem to have a habit of playing down to their opponent's level. Tim Tebow gets another final drive to advance his team, but comes up short. Steelers 17  Broncos 10


Lions Vs. Saints
Drew Brees set the record for the most passing yards in a season before the final game even took place. The Saints don't want this season to be remembered by just a record. They want to get their second  Super Bowl victory in the last three years.  The Lions clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 1999. Matthew Stafford recorded perhaps the best non Pro Bowl season of all time. The defense for New Orleans has been on the top of their game down the stretch of the season. The Detroit defense has struggled. During week 17 they gave up 45 points to the Packers that weren't starting several key players,  including Aaron Rodgers.  Drew Brees will give the butt hurt Saints fans another reason to complain about him not winning the MVP. Saints 42  Lions 31

Falcons Vs. Giants
The Falcons and Giants have been two of the hottest teams in the NFL. The Giants now have the most feared pass rush in the NFL with Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Osi Umenyiora all playing effectively. Matt Ryan seems to play poorly when he is pressured and tends to turn the ball over. With the game being in the Meadowlands, I see this game not being very close. Matt Ryan will start to get the "he can't win a playoff a game" talk. Giants 38 Falcons 20

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  1. Key Matchups (not by the author):

    Steelers Broncos:
    Von Miller vs Marcus Gilbert
    Rookie vs Rookie. Miller could take over the game

    Bengals Texans:
    Green vs Joseph
    Green seems to be limited since suffering a shoulder injury, but may have saved his best for the playoffs

    Lions Saints
    Cliff Avril vs Zach Strief
    Avril has had a knack for making huge plays for the lions this year

    Falcons Giants
    Whether its the giants or cowboys the falcons o line must hold up, especially on matt ryan's blindside. Tyson Clabo has been one of the few bright spots but hes now been exposed in recent weeks.