Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions


Ravens Vs. Texans
The Texans managed to defeat the Bengals pretty convincingly to advance into the divisional round of the playoffs. Coming off of a bye week, the Ravens, need to play like they consistently have all season and they should be able to pull this one out. The Texans will need to establish a running game which will be tough against a stout Ravens' run defense. Both teams have been playing exceptional defense and if they both continue that trend, the team who wins will be the one that forces turnovers. The Texans have had a great season, but I don't see TJ Yates playing the same kind of football against Baltimore's defense. Ravens 24  Texans 14

Patriots Vs. Broncos
I was just as surprised as everyone else seeing Tim Tebow do what he did against the Steelers. For once, he wasn't running around the field like a chicken with it's head cut off. Things are only going to get easier for Tebow as he takes on one of the worst defenses in the league. The Patriots are looking for their first playoff victory since the AFC championship game in 2007 against the Chargers. The Patriots will be somewhat slowed down, however Ron Gronkowski will dominate as usual. Von Miller is playing and was very effective last game. Look for him to make a huge impact. I just don't see Tim Tebow being able to keep up with the Tom Brady. Patriots 27  Broncos 21


49ers Vs. Saints
The Saints have steamrolled their opponents for the last 10 weeks. They are pretty much unbeatable at home. This week they have to go on the road to face the 49ers. Most people are just expecting the Saints to keep winning and go straight to the Super Bowl. I expect the 49ers to put pressure on Drew Brees and slow his offense down. The Saints also have a terrible run defense, so Frank Gore should be able to get going early. The Saints will trouble on the road and against a tough defense. 49ers 31  Saints 27

Packers Vs. Giants
The Giants are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. They have, without question, the best pass rush in the NFL because of a breakout season from Jason Pierre-Paul. The Packers are returning some injured players, including left tackle Chad Clifton. If the Packers can hold down the fort and protect Rodgers, the game might not be very close. Victor Cruz is going to be as annoying as an immature toddler, however, between Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson,  the Packers should be able to create some turnovers. Expect an exciting game that could come down to the wire. Packers 38  Giants 34

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  1. Key Matchups Not by the author:

    Ravens vs Texans: Watt and Smith vs Yanda and Grubbs

    One of the best DE combos in the NFL takes on one of the best Guard combos in the NFL. This matchup could potentially decide the game. Ravens love to run off yanda and when they do they average 5.6 ypc. While Watt and Smith are so disruptive in both the running game and rushing the passer.

    Patriots vs The Broncos: Wilfork vs Interior of Broncos O line

    The Broncos lost their best interior lineman in Kuper so it will be interesting to see if Wilfork lines up over RG. Or over J.D. Walton, one of the worst centers in the nfl. Wilfork could single handedly wreck the Broncos run game.

    Saints vs Niners: Vernon Davis vs Roman Harper

    Roman Harper is a good in the box safety but gets completely torched in coverage situations. They must avoid the matchup between him and Davis. It could keep the Niners in the game if Harbaugh can get Davis this matchup. The use of motion could be key.

    Packers vs Giants:
    There are plenty of marquee matchups in this game but this game is going to hinge on the turnover battle...not much to this otherwise. Jermichael Finley and Mario Manningham could also be the X factors for their teams.