Thursday, October 6, 2011

2012 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

This is my second mock for the 2012 NFL draft. These are the projections after week 4 of the NFL season:

1. Miami Dolphins: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
The Dolphins are an absolute mess. The recent news that Chad Henne is out for the year is a nightmare. Matt Moore is now the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. The last time Matt Moore was a starting quarterback for a team he gave the Panthers the first pick in the draft. Many people expect either the Colts or the Seahawks to get the first pick, but the Dolphins seem to be tanking. Their remaining schedule has an incredibly high degree of difficulty. I still think Sparano will be fired after this year, and the Dolphins will do a complete reset after this year. Andrew Luck is unbelievable. The people who say Luck isn't all that impressive haven't seen him play yet. With Luck, the AFC East will be loaded. The last quarterback the Dolphins drafted in the first round: Dan Marino.
Projected Record: 2-14

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina
With a rookie quarterback in Jacksonville, I don't foresee many wins this season for the Jags. The Jaguars crave 4-3 pass rushing defensive ends. Quinton Coples is an absolute force that has been compared to former Tar Heel, Julius Peppers. The Jaguars will probably be targeting a receiver, but Coples is too much to pass on here.
Projected Record: 3-13

3. St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State
I don't know how the Rams have played so poorly this year. Sam Bradford is extremely talented, however he needs time and weapons. This pick is between Matt Kalil and Justin Blackmon. Blackmon has the best body control I've ever seen out of a wide receiver coming out of college. Blackmon made Oklahoma State fans forget about Dez Bryant. I bet you didn't think Bradford from Oklahoma would be throwing to Blackmon. This could be a lethal combination for years to come.
Projected Record: 3-13

4. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil, OT, USC
The Vikings are pretty bad. With a very talented but underperforming defense, the Vikings season looks to be in shambles at 0-4. The offensive line is in definite need of repair and with Matt Kalil they get a bookend for the future. Kalil has been great so far this year and has showed no sign of slipping past a top 5 pick in the 2012 NFL draft.
Projected Record: 4-12

5. Indianapolis Colts: Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma
It's now apparent that Peyton Manning has deserved every MVP that he has won. Peyton Manning has been the face of the NFL for the last decade. But like what the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers, the Colts need to find a replacement for Manning. Landry Jones is a guy who's stock could skyrocket if he wins a national championship. This would show that Landry Jones is a winner. This is something you definitely want out of a quarterback coming out of college. Jones could also benefit greatly from sitting behind Peyton for a few years.
Projected Record: 4-12

6. Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Barkley, QB, USC
Matt Cassel is a bum and Todd Haley will be fired after this year. New regimes mean new quarterbacks. Barkley has been great in the first half of college football, but lets see how he does now that conference play has begun. People say what you need with quarterbacks is a winner. Barkley could be a more talented version of Clausen. Not because they have the same hair style, but because neither have been successful when it comes to winning in college. Don't get me wrong, Barkley is ridiculously talented and could very well be a successful NFL quarterback. Here, the Chiefs replace a USC quarterback with another USC quarterback.
Projected Record: 4-12

7. Cleveland Browns: Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State
Vontaze Brufict has been incredible so far in collegiate play. His stock is rising ridiculously fast. Vontaze has loads of potential and the Browns needs to address their front seven. Burfict needs to not be so tempermental after the play and off the field. He is just as sure of a pick as Patrick Willis. With his amazing size and athleticism he could be a great 3 down player.
Projected Record: 5-11

8. Carolina Panthers: Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina
Alshon Jeffery is a beast. Though he is not very fast, he overpowers receivers with his incredible strength and length. He is like a combination of Dwayne Bowe and Terrell Owens. Steve Smith looks like he still has it. Having Alshon and Smith would be a great combination for Cam. Alshon will learn from Smith, and become a great target for Cam for a long time.
Projected Record: 5-11

9: Seattle Seahawks: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama
I have the Seahawks going 5-11 this year because they are going to win a decent amount of home games. The Seahawks would fill a need by drafting a corner early in next year's draft. Dre Kirkpatrick is also one of the top players available. Dre is 6"3' and very athletic, giving him a lot of potential to have success in this league. The Seahawks have had one of the worst secondaries in the NFL for a long time.
Projected Record: 5-11

10. Cincinnati Bengals: Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama
Cincinnati has been surprisingly good so far. Dalton has shown promise and Green has lived up to expectations. Cedric Benson can't stay out of trouble. It's pretty ridiculous considering that this has been his problem since he was in college. If the Bengals get Trent, and Green and Dalton continue to progress, this offense might be something special in the future.
Projected Record: 6-10

11. Arizona Cardinals: Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford
If Jonathan Martin falls to the Cardinals at 11 that would be a gift. Both tackles for the Cardinals are struggling and it would be wise to protect Kevin Kolb, their multi-million dollar investment. Martin has been fantastic this year and probably should be drafted several picks higher.
Projected Record: 6-10

12. Denver Broncos: Jared Crick, DE/DT, Nebraska
If the Broncos add Jared Crick to their defense, the Denver front seven would be ridiculous. Jared Crick is an absolute monster and has impressed in every game this year. He slammed through the Wisconsin offensive line last Saturday and has continued to show his potential. If Crick joins the Broncos they might be able to stop McFadden every once in a while. The 'Orange Crush defense' might be making a come back.
Projected Record: 6-10

13. Dallas Cowboys: Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama
The Dallas Cowboys have a fantastic offense. However, it all rests on the shoulders of Tony Romo. If he plays well, the Cowboys play well. I also like Rob Ryan as their defensive coordinator. What they need is a solid corner. Mike Jenkins is bad and Terence Newman's wheels look to be falling off. Janoris Jenkins is an interesting case because he has major character concerns but the Cowboys never seem to care about that when drafting. They drafted Dez Bryant in the 2010 NFL draft and he has been great.
Projected Record: 7-9

14. Chicago Bears: Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College
It's very hard to predict what the Bears will do each year. The outcome of every game is always determined by whether a bad Jay Cutler shows up or a good one. The Bears' defense has not been up to the standards that it is usually held to so I think 7-9 is very possible. Luke Kuechly is by far the best player available. Luke Kuechly is a tackling machine and could be the safest pick in this entire draft besides Andrew Luck. Kuechly can play any linebacker position, also, Kuechly could be the eventual replacement for Brian Urlacher.
Projected Record: 7-9

15. Washington Redskins: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame
The Redskins have been very impressive so far this season. Mike Shanahan has transformed Redkins' quarterback Rex Grossman into a viable starter. Grossman is definitely not a franchise quarterback, but some believe he might get the Skins to the post season. I'm predicting a Grossman collapse over the next few weeks. The ideal pick would for them to be able to get a top 3 quarterback. This isn't going to happen so they have to address one of their biggest needs. Floyd has been nothing short of incredible so far this season.
Projected Record: 7-9

16. Philadelphia Eagles: Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
The Eagles are going to go down as one of the biggest failures in NFL history. All of this "dream team" talk quickly disappeared after 3 straight losses. There are three problems with this Eagles team. The first problem is that this team hasn't played together at all due to the lockout. They will get better next year because of experience. A second problem is that their linebacker core is one of the worst in the league. The third and final problem is that they focused their offseason on every position except for the offensive line. With Michael Vick complaining after every game, this has to be one of their biggest concerns. This pick is between Luke Kuechly the linebacker out of Boston College, and Riley Reiff the tackle out of Iowa. Reiff is an excellent pass blocker and could potentially be a top 10 pick.
Projected Record: 8-8

17. Cleveland Browns: Zach Brown, OLB, North Carolina
This pick was acquired from the Atlanta Falcons. I have the Browns double dipping in linebackers in this mock. Zach Brown has been great this year, and I expect him to make a big impact early in the NFL. He has the kind of athleticism and burst that translates well to the NFL.
Falcons Projected Record: 8-8

18. Oakland Raiders: Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
Al Davis has been drafting players for the Raiders since the merger. Although Stanford Routt has played well in the absence of Nnamdi, the Oakland secondary is still not great. Gilmore is fast and tall, so he fits the bill perfectly for an Al Davis prospect. I love Stephon Gilmore. He has great size, and he goes up against Alshon Jeffery every day in practice.
Projected Record: 8-8

19. Buffalo Bills: Brandon Jenkins, DE/OLB, Florida State
The Bills are in dire need of a pass rush. Brandon Jenkins is a beast. He can play in a lot of different formations and has the potential to be a force in the NFL. The Bills are close, but this could be the key they have been looking for.
Projected Record: 9-7

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Andrew Datko, OT, Florida State
It is obvious to everyone that the Steelers don't look the same as they did before. Big Ben can't take much more of what he's going through right now. Datko, the best offensive lineman available, is a classic Steeler pick. He has the look of a Steeler and will contribute right away.
Projected Record: 10-6

21. San Francisco 49ers: Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU
Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers have looked great this year. Good enough to clinch a playoff spot and win the NFC West. The comeback victory against the Eagles might be a sign of things to come of this team. Last year, the 49ers decided to address their pass rush with Aldon Smith. This is a year that they must get a corner to address their secondary. I don't like Claiborne very much after watching him get absolutely burned against West Virginia. He also missed a tackle on the sideline and the receiver ended up scoring. On the other side, I saw Claiborne get an unbelievable interception against Mississippi State.
Projected Record: 9-7

22. Tennessee Titans: Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson
The Tennessee Titans have looked good so far this season. Matt Hasselbeck has found his receivers even with Chris Johnson not producing. Defensive Tackle has been a position of need since Haynesworth left.  With Thompson being the top player available, the Titans' future look bright.
Projected Record: 10-6

23. San Diego Chargers: Bruce Irvin, DE/OLB, West Virginia
The Chargers need another edge rusher because Shaun Philips is getting old and Larry English, drafted in 2009,  never worked out.  Irvin is someone that can change the momentum of any game. This pick will give the Chargers the pass run they haven't had since Merriman.
Projected Record: 11-5

24. New York Giants: Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame
This is a dream scenario for the Giants. Manti Te'o, a top 15 prospect, has been amazing for the Fighting Irish so far this collegiate season. Supplying a position of need with the top player available is always something that every GM wants.
Projected Record: 11-5

25. Detroit Lions: Cliff Harris, CB, Oregon
The Lions have been impressive, but the secondary still needs work. Cliff Harris has blazing speed and could return punts and kickoffs for the Lions.
Projected Record: 11-5

26. New York Jets: Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, Alabama
The Jets never addressed their pass rush over the offseason and Upshaw is the best player available. Upshaw is a big part of what makes this team a National Championship contender. Adding a pass rusher would improve the Jets' already incredible secondary.
Projected Record: 11-5

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska
Next year, the Buccaneers might have a few problems in their secondary. Ronde Barber might retire and Aqib Talib might be in jail for shooting someone. Dennard would be a steal at 27, and would be a great fit in the Tampa Bay defense.
Projected Record: 12-4

28. Houston Texans: Alameda Ta'amu, NT, Washington
The Texans defense looks formidable after hiring Wade Philips as a defensive coordinator. After drafting Watt last year and signing Jonathan Joseph in the offseason, the defensive need now moves to nose tackle. Ta'amu is great fighting off double teams and could start right away. This would make the Texans have one of the more scary front sevens in the NFL.
Projected Record: 12-4

29. New England Patriots: Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State
This pick was acquired from the Saints through the Mark Ingram trade. This is a classic Belichick pick. Draft someone who has all the talent in the world but drops because of off the field issues. Jerel Worthy could back up Wilfork and Haynesworth for year before he gets into the action. Worthy has conditioning problems, but I'm willing to bet Belichick will whoop him into shape.
Saints Projected Record: 12-4

30. Baltimore Ravens: Mike Brewster, C, Ohio State
The Ravens have done wonders throughout the years in drafting offensive lineman. Mike Brewster has the potential to be the next Nick Mangold. If he sits and learns from Matt Birk for a year or two, Brewster could a perennial Pro-Bowler in the future.
Projected Record: 13-3

31. New England Patriots: David DeCastro, OG, Stanford
It's very hard mocking for the Patriots because they always end up trading out of the first round. Best player available is what Bellichick goes for and this also happens to address a need. The Patriots resigned Logan Mankins over the offseason but they are still not done retooling their interior line.
Projected Record: 13-3

32. Green Bay Packers: Josh Chapman, DE/DT, Alabama
I have the Packers winning the Super Bowl again this year because their offense is pretty much unstoppable. The Packers last year had an amazing draft and I expect Ted Thompson to do the same next year. With this pick the Packers are addressing the void that they lost when Cullen Jenkins left due to free agency. Josh Chapman fits the size and physique Ted Thompson looks for in his defensive linemen.
Projected Record: 14-2

This concludes my second mock for the 2012 NFL draft. Please leave a comment on what you thought about the picks and rankings.


  1. I like this mock. The only complaints I have are with the Texans taking a nose tackle and passing on a compliment to Andre or improving their shallow secondary, and the raiders taking a corner. Al Davis has no second thoughts about spending money, if he thought the raiders secondary was in trouble, he would have resigned Nnamdi or gone after a Jonathan Joseph or Carlos Rogers in free agency.

  2. Jags don't covet 3-4 passing ends mostly because they run a 4-3. Also they NEED a WR, new head coach will be an offensive HC and will most likely bring in his own GM who will want a weapon for Gabbert to throw to

  3. To the comment above. Thanks for pointing out the mistake I made on the Jaguars pick. I meant to say 4-3. Coples is a perfect fit for a 4-3 defense. The pick was between Blackmon and Coples and it could go either way. Thanks for the comment.